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Display & Video 360 – formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager

Within the rapidly evolving programmatic ecosystem, choosing the right platform for programmatic media buying is essential for campaign success. Choosing Display & Video 360 (formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager, or DBM) doesn’t just give you the best programmatic platform on the market, it enables you to connect your programmatic efforts into a complete digital marketing ecosystem within the Google Marketing Platform.

We provide our clients with the Display & Video 360 technology in order to give them access to the most quality-driven programmatic inventory across screens and channels.

Display & Video 360 makes it easy for you to buy quality programmatic inventory across display, video, native, and mobile channels. Taking brand safety concerns into account, and with a complete marketplace system built right within the platform, ensuring access to quality inventory sources within a single interface has never been easier.

Proving the right real-time data and unified insight is essential in understanding and reaching your audience. Through seamless connectivity into the broader Google Marketing Platform, you can truly harness and activate your campaign and audience data.

As users move between devices and screens faster than ever before, being able to recognize users across channels, and moving to people-based marketing (compared to cookie-based marketing) is more essential than ever. Through’s Google’s user graph, Display & Video 360 has unique line of sight of cross-device audiences, all available within Display & Video 360.

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