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Why I Joined DQ&A Exploring GA4 – the latest iteration of Google Analytics.

September was an exciting month for DQ&A as their sister company, Incubeta, launched their award winning search management platform, Seamless Search. Seamless Search is a new software that helps marketers manage their organic and paid search holistically, enabling them to understand exactly how much their paid strategy cannibalises their organic strategy and vice-versa. We asked one of our senior search consultants, Zino Toth, to give us some insights on this new tool.

1- What is  Seamless Search?

Seamless Search is a search marketing platform that helps marketers decide if they should pay for certain keywords, when they already have strong organic  coverage (i.e: brand terms). It helps them understand the true value of their paid and organic search channels. Seamless Search evaluates the incrementality between organic and paid search positions, automatically adjusting  bids on paid search to maximise  coverage, and reduce wasted ad spend. It also takes into consideration the competition. Marketers can use Seamless Search in  one of two ways:

  1. For reporting on specific keyword clusters
  2. To enable automated bid management.


2- What are the advantages of using Seamless Search?

Seamless Search not only solves the question of if and how to bid on paid search keywords, it also allows marketers to invest their budget  into other areas – such as generic search terms, which in turn, will allow them to grow their business even more. In addition to the performance uplift and insights, marketers will be able to use and manage Seamless Search  themselves (without the need of a technical specialist) due to the platform’s user friendly interface and easy navigation system.

3- Are there any specific requirements for Seamless Search?

From a technical point of view, no, but marketers will need to have sufficient historical data on organic and paid search in order to identify the keyword clusters that they would like to measure incrementality. Furthermore, in order to get optimum results, the identified keyword-clusters should have a spend of about 50.000€ per month – this level of spend will allow the platform to give the most accurate insights and the best performance on bid strategy.

For more information, and to see how you can benefit from true Seamless Search, contact DQ&A.

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