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Audience Extension

In a programmatic ecosystem where supply and demand are getting more and more intertwined, we help publishers maximize their audiences by empowering them to take these audiences into a programmatic world.

We help our clients capitalize the full value of their audience data, opening up new revenue streams through leveraging this data across the programmatic ecosystem, being able to build fully bespoke solutions.

Whether it’s building a private data exchange using their own data, maximizing trade marketing budgets supplied by manufacturers, or whether it is getting more familiar with remarketing campaigns to drive re-engagement, we help publishers integrate the selling and buying of media and audiences seamlessly through our intricate knowledge of both the buyside and sellside of the industry.

By connecting our publishers into a buying ecosystem through a variety of possibilities, we help them achieve incremental revenue using unique data segments.

DoubleClick for Publishers

Have too much advertiser demand or specific high-demand areas on your website? Through our publisher trading desk proposition, we help you extend the reach across your first party audiences in programmatic, enabling you to increase exposure.

Data monetization

Looking to monetize not just your revenue, but to activate your data in the programmatic ecosystem for external buyers? We can help you connect your data segments towards programmatic demand, opening up an additional revenue stream for your company.

We believe publishers have unique opportunities for monetizing the core of their digital product: their audiences. We’ve helped a wide variety of companies realize this, including newspaper publishers, online retailers, and verticalized marketplaces.

Let us share our expertise with you today and get you on track to increased revenues!

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