Programmatic In-Housing: A question of cost or investment? Dutch CMOs are struggling with the speed of Digital Transformation

Automation and digital technologies allow us to work efficiently in many industries by extending reach, smoothing interactions, streamlining processes and replacing manual activities. Spend on digital campaigns has been growing over recent years, and whether automated, or programmatic, the processing of ad sales and campaign execution has built significant share of the digital market with no signs of slowing. In 2017 programmatic ad spend will reach $25 billion, and is forecasted to achieve $43 billion by 2020 (Rosenzweig et al., 2018).

The benefits of programmatic guaranteed to publishers, agencies and advertisers are enough that we expect the techniques replacement of traditional reservations. The following four steps will help any business improve their direct and the programmatic processes:

1. Get the right results:

  • Rethink existing processes and remove legacy complexity
  • Invest in programmatic expertise (in both planning/sales and execution)
  • When more efficient reinvest the time saved into activities that create value for clients


2. Rethink the organization and its go-to-market approaches:

  • Ensure a coordinated approach across traditional and programmatic channels
  • Manage organizational setup as programmatic grows, to avoid forming silos
  • Prepare for a market that is increasingly transparent and data-driven


3. Address tech stack inefficiencies:

  • When using multiple tech products/platforms, balance the overall value gained against incremental costs and complexity
    Push for more integrated experience across platforms from tech providers (for tech platforms, this means working with both users and others platforms to increase compatibility between platforms)


4. Bring others along:

  • Educate the wider organization on programmatic processes
  • Invest time in working with external partners to deliver a smoother workflow and richer relationships


One lesson we have from the short history of digital advertising is that innovation which improves campaign effectiveness catches on quickly. Programmatic guarantees enhanced results and reduces the waste out of the advertiser-agency-publisher relationship. Read here our previous blog post about bringing programmatic in-house: “A question of cost or investment?”

Rosenzweig, J., Nguyen, A., Zuckerman, N., Green, A., Cali, S., & Hosking, T. (2018, January 7). A Guaranteed Opportunity in Programmatic Advertising. Retrieved February 14, 2018, from webpage

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