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Getting it right – streamline, integrate and prosper Optimizing Display Advertising Yield for Publishers

The two decades I have been working in the software development departments of several companies the world of digital advertising changed rapidly. The steep increase of available data, new technologies, processes and other innovations are driving the growth of the internet and boosting the entire ecosystem. The demand for a specialized platform to help clients get a grip on the abundantly available data is heard everywhere.

The need for a solid data management platform (DMP) for every company, from both supply- or demand side is big. To make informed decisions you need a holistic view on your data. You may also need to connect your own proprietary dataset or connect the delivered information to your own systems. At DQ&A we have been working on a proprietary, flexible DMP architecture that will bring all your data streams and feeds together in a customized solution, tailored for your specific situation. During our work with clients providing them with a dashboard we saw the basic needs of giving each a set of building stones to choose from. Providing specialized building blocks for clients puts them in the driver seat of their processes and their bids.

It underlines our transition from operational partner to a strategic business partner

Collect, integrate, manage and activate data
Just think about the advantages you will have if you can compare the data from your search (adwords) with your Google Analytics data and in the same time proper validate the ad spend on Display Marketing. Everyone is aggregating more data, from more sources, than ever before. We try to get a focus of the full value and potential of that information. This requires a technology-driven approach, a seamless and quick solution that will collect, integrate, manage and activate those large volumes of data.

For our DMP we have successfully integrated several platforms and data streams. Within our advanced business intelligence solution we have established API connections with these platforms:
DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA)
DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)
DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
DoubleClick Search 3 (DS3)
Google Ad Exchange (AdX)
Google Analytics (GA)
AppNexus Buy- And Sell Side

In the future we expect to support even more platforms like f.e. Facebook Ads. Standardized reports and support services will grow more central to the DMP offering, driving an expanded value proposition. Our solutions will grow more specialized as per unique user needs—varying across vertical markets, since demand focused tools may not readily be supported by a “one-size-fits-all” approach. To fulfill a more central role in integrating and optimizing both inputs. We have build a foundational dashboard or DMP for multichannel data reports. For RTB, our biggest aim is to help our clients with optimal planning and execution of programmatic media buying in a data-driven digital marketing future.

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