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A recently published report about Marketing Innovation by IAB Netherlands and Deloitte reports the majority of companies in The Netherlands are struggling with Digital Transformation because of the lack of talent and the speed of change.

What isn’t marketing innovation in digital transformation during these days? Traditional marketing channels are increasingly being converted to digital and television is following suit. Smart TVs and addressable TV is transforming the marketing landscape. This has a significant impact on the ecosystem of media buying.

A lot of CMOs are enthusiastic about new technologies and future marketing innovations, eager to learn how these technologies work and enable them to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time. However, they also see the risk of being distracted by new tools and current hype, stressing the importance to keep their focus on the essence of marketing.

Bridging the Gap

For this research, IAB interviewed 25 Chief Marketing Officers and leading marketers, asking them about their vision and mission in digital marketing and marketing innovation. It showed that the organisational structure and shortage of talent are the main reasons for the lack of digital transformation. One of the main challenges CMO’s identify is the difficulty of attracting and retaining the right talent (1).

However, confidence in having the right skills in-house is currently low. CMOs agree that the gap between new generation marketers and board level marketing should be closed by investing in proper training and education.

From this point, we at DQ&A can help CMOs by offering an onboarding education program about Digital Transformation. For over 16 years our experts have been sharing their knowledge with businesses who are looking to improve their digital marketing activity. We understand the unique challenges that you face.

Would you like to expand your knowledge and expertise regarding Digital Transformation? We can help you, contact us or see here our training and education solutions. Read here the full report of IAB Netherlands.

(1) Siemerink, J. (2018, March 14). Onderzoek toont aan: Nederlandse CMO worstelt met snelheid digitale transformatie. Retrieved on March 19, 2018, from webpage

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