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How to deal with ad blockers? What to choose as a Publisher

As a long-term partner of Google DoubleClick, we know what it takes to excel with Google publishing solutions. DQ&A Media Group will help you to improve yield management.

Google selected our DQ&A One division for the ‘Certified Publishing Partner program’ based on our proven expertise for over 10 years with DoubleClick for Publishers and our extensive knowledge of DoubleClick AdExchange. It has been part of our DNA since 2001 to help monetize websites on a global scale. What to optimize the revenue of your website? Generate a higher eCPM? Achieve a higher fill-rate? Or generate extra revenues with audience data? Our publisher solutions team will help you grow your revenue embracing all programmatic yield management techniques.

What to look for in a monetization partner?

Working with experienced and certified consultants will offer you a full service approach.

Better results through proven expertise

Why choose a certified partner? Because every day we help publishers like you set up ads,
manage and optimize them, and analyze the results. The technology and tools you use can really assist your effort to maximize the value of each impression.

Set business goals

As a publisher you can have different business goals. It is important to discuss those with our certified consultants. In agreement you can choose what tools within the DoubleClick for Publishers platform is most suitable to obtain your KPIs.

About the Certified Publishing Partner program

Google created the Certified Publishing Partner program to help its publishers grow and
flourish. We are proud to be one of the select few agencies recognized by Google for our
cross-product expertise.

Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how Google publishing solutions can create real results for your business. Get in touch!

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