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Digital Video Advertising in every step of the Touch-Tell-Sell model

So you think video is growing fast? Digital radio is growing even faster than ever and we like to tell you about better ways to buy digital radio advertising. For a big travel client we pushed data driven targeting in digital audio and it enabled them to target more granular audience segments while increasing reach.

53% increase interest in Digital Radio advertisements

The increase in demand of video ads has been discussed and has received a lot of attention. A STRATA Survey indicated a 45% jump in the interest of digital video. But did you know the interest in online radio saw a 53% increase? Internet Radio is emerging from the novelty stage and is becoming an important tool for reaching desired audiences. Digital advertising sold by radio reps accounted for $500 million, a 22% increase, from the previous year.

Executed in the right way, precision targeting in digital radio audiences ensures the right message is heard by the right audience & at the right time. It is possible to uniquely serve ads in real time to each listener’s personalized stream, creating a one-to-one relationship between you and the listener. So you can imagine our experience in programmatic media trading comes in handy. We always know to look for message relevancy and campaign effectiveness while being able to hyper-target and optimize radio advertising. This is another powerful element we can add to our proven Touch-Tell-Sell consumer acquisition model.

Data-driven ad serving allows for highly targeted messaging to be delivered to your target audience based on real-time insights from their online/offline behaviors. Using the right data, we can segment audiences across categories such as interests, purchase intent and many other online and offline segments relevant to your marketing objectives. Site retargeting, modeled look-a-like, search retargeting & demonstrated behaviors are all fully possible, similarly to regular smart programmatic campaigns.

Cross-Device Interaction

Consumers access their streaming audio from multiple touch points throughout the day. They listen to their phones while jogging or driving to work every day, as well as on their PCs & tablets, and of course when at home with their home stereo and connected TVs. Advertising on digital radio is a true cross device experience, and is ‘close’ to the user: the headphone generation illustrates this. Our experience – Use the right KPIs For a big travel client, we used digital radio ads in the marketing strategy. Although we love the possibilities of using audio, we are also still firm believers that every phase is the funnel needs it own message, medium and time. And the same goes for audio messages. We think it is a great addition in the tell phase.

Michael Ossendrijver, VP Media Trading & Technology:

“As programmatic trading experts, we embrace every new channel we can use to leverage our expertise passionately. We are happy to see radio advertising paving the way for TV advertising in the future, adding true measurability and optimization capabilities and putting advertisers in charge of selecting their desired audience. Being ambassadors of the programmatic ecosystem and seeing digital radio generate results for our clients, we’re excited for the future of this channel in programmatic.”

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