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DoubleClick recently introduced cross-device measurement across all of our DoubleClick advertiser products. These cross-device metrics will be rolling out to all our DoubleClick advertisers.If you need more information on this, and want to hear what this means for your campaigns in DoubleClick please get in touch with your local account manager.

Mobile continues to reshape how consumers engage on digital: they are increasingly turning to the nearest device to act on an immediate need in the moment and then seamlessly shifting their attention from screen to screen to complete their journey. With the Customer Journey becoming increasingly fragmented, it’s essential you understand how consumers interact with your brand across all devices. We will show you how DoubleClick can give you access to cross-device insights, so you can make the best decisions about how improve your ROI.

With this launch, advertisers can access cross-device metrics in all buying tools within the platform — DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, and DoubleClick Search.

Cross-device measurement in DoubleClick allows you to gain insight on the true performance of campaigns across the web, even when users switch devices in their path to conversion. This means you can measure conversions that begin on one device, and continue or end on another.

Principles of cross-device conversion measurement

DoubleClick has built cross-device measurement with the following principles at the core:

User-first. We’re investing in these capabilities while prioritizing user privacy. We measure mobile behavior using industry-standard device identifiers that users can see, reset and configure to opt out from interest-based advertising. Additionally, advertisers can only access anonymous and aggregated performance reporting on their campaigns.

Accurate. The cross-device metrics are calculated using fully deterministic data sources. Performance measurements are only displayed to advertisers when there is a sufficient sample size and a strict 95% confidence interval is reached.

Comprehensive. Built to work across any type of buy (programmatic or reservations), screen, channel (search and display), and format, these tools are consistent with DoubleClick’s core value of giving advertisers a unified view of their audience.

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