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Digital Maturation Journey: In Housing with Eurail Enhanced 1st Party Audience Segmentation


Our agency client CLIQ Digital aimed to measure sales conversions that occur on an external 3rd party payment platform in which the client could not implement Google tags. In order for CLIQ Digital to properly optimise and evaluate their programmatic campaigns in DV360, they aimed to find a solution within the Google Marketing Platform that would satisfy that. The client aimed to download sales conversions from a 3rd party payment platform and match them with CM & Dv360 campaign activity using a DCLID mapping in an offline conversion upload to Campaign Manager. Any programmatic campaign driven activity from DV360 generates a DCLID value in the click URL which can then be used as a mapping key.

  • Find a solution within GMP
  • Use offline conversions to fuel DV360 bidding algorithms
  • Upscale DV360 campaign activities


  • Use of DCLID as a mapping key
  • Uploading offline conversions in Campaign Manager every 24h
  • Optimising DV360 campaigns based on floodlight activity that receives offline conversion data


  • 100% effective measurement based on actual sales conversion data
  • Upscaling programmatic spend via DV360 in 2021 vs 2020 with +251%

“We worked together with Incubeta on finding a solution to reliably track conversions from our backend to our campaigns. The team found the best option and troubleshooted with us to get it working. This more consistent data is now helping us to scale the performance of our programmatic campaigns in DV360.”

Adam Mark Pinter, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
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