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Why I Joined DQ&A DQ&A by Incubeta Becomes a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner in the Americas

When it comes to meeting your business goals, maximising your marketing performance is crucial to your success. Optimising your bids helps to ensure that you appear in front of your most valuable users, but it’s hugely time-consuming and takes a lot of guesswork.

Enter Auction-Time Bidding (ATB) in SA360. ATB combines the power of SA360 conversion goals with the agility of Google Ads’ Smart Bidding. It changes bids at every auction, accessing a wide range of contextual signals (plus intra-day bidding signals) – enabling you to optimise bids at a query level, ensuring you appear in front of your most valuable users.

The DQ&A team have put together a handy guide which takes you through key considerations and minimum requirements as well as best practices before, during and after launch. If you’re looking to get started with ATB and supercharge your paid search campaigns, you can download our guide today.

NB: This advice is specific to ATB for Search bid portfolios only. We will update on the newly launched ATB for Shopping soon.

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