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Strategic Channel Management

Ensuring media channels are properly measured, optimized and centrally analyzed for cross-channel and cross-device results forms an essential part of maximizing digital marketing results.

We help advertisers navigate this new landscape by offering assistance and guidance on agency management, interpretation of campaign results, and optimisation.

An owned marketing technology stack empowers advertisers to create their own landscape of partners, internal marketing teams, and other partners. This offers an enormous opportunity of full line of sight, control, and transparency over digital marketing activities and budgets. But also comes with a unique new set of requirements for advertisers: to be able to monitor and control its partner’s media budgets.

Our strategic channel management programs aim to help advertisers interpret results in across the Google Marketing Platform products in such a way that it can manage its agency and other delivery partners on their true added value of optimisation, strategy, and planning. Through reporting and analysis on a dynamic level, we help advertisers work with their creative agencies in order to find the best performing messaging elements.

Transition Program

The Strategic Channel Management Program aims to help advertisers move into a situation where they are in control of their delivery platforms, establishing an optimisation routine with agency partners based on this new line of sight and added insights.

Campaign Steering

Using our experienced consultants, we help our clients to steer and manage campaigns executed by their agencies. Using our steering reports and workflows, we help our advertisers to manage better, interpret results and see the value their agency partners add.

Strategic Channel Dashboarding

Leveraging our BI experts, we help our clients with connecting marketing performance data with internal performance metrics in order to gain a much clearer perspective on actual performance. These dashboards can be shared with agency partners to ensure steering is not just done on marketing metrics but are truly connected to business performance.

An owned marketing ecosystem combined with our strategic channel management approach ensures the best of both worlds: full transparency and data ownership while receiving the required help and support in steering agencies successfully in this landscape.

A practical outcome of our strategic channel management solution is a better usage of the Google Marketing Platform platform by media agencies, more closely connected to our client’s business needs. It can create a synergistic situation where we’re there to assist agencies with leveraging the Google Marketing Platform to its fullest extent and ensuring we help advertisers in integrating the right data, looking at the right metrics and ensuring the right decisions are being made.

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