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Data and Audience Management

Today’s complex digital marketing landscape calls for a unified solution for data and audience management. Having data available in a centralised marketing environment where it is actionable, measurable, and can contribute to business results is a requirement for digital advertisers across the globe.

We help our clients gather and activate their data streams, often from a wide range of different online and offline sources, in order to truly make their marketing data- and audience-driven. Our pragmatic approach means we focus on data integrations that deliver actual, measurable business impact.

Defining relevant data streams and sources is a crucial element in successfully activating data in digital marketing. We’re experts at demystifying the complex terminology used in data integrations, quickly distilling data management to what matters most: knowing what data is available, relevant, and ready to be actionable and measurable.

Using Google Marketing Platform and specifically Analytics 360 and BigQuery as a backbone of our data and audience measurement solutions, we help clients build data warehouses incorporating client data, internal data streams (such as product information), and external data driving data enrichment or by integrating data sources.

We help map out clients between internal and external platforms, ensuring their media activation layer contains the relevant audience that helps drive their online marketing returns and insights.

CRM integration

Using Google Marketing Platform with a specific focus Analytics 360, we help clients unlock their precious client information in their own media and analytics environments. Our flexible solutions enable us to integrate using commercial DMP solutions or provide our clients with a bespoke solution.

Data integration projects

Are you an advertiser relying on real-time data to drive your campaign success? No problem. We have experience with deep data integrations in complex verticals such as travel and retail, bridging the online and offline world seamlessly.

External data

Integrating external data sources in a marketing activation layer provides an opportunity to run campaigns that are aware of their environment. Our integrations team can merge relevant information into the client warehouses such as weather data, real-time sports data, or virtually any other data stream we can get our hands on. Challenge us, we’re up for it!


We understand the sensitivity of your client’s data completely. We provide our clients with their own digital marketing ecosystem where they can integrate their data, ensuring portability and ownership. By empowering advertisers with their own marketing stack and their data, we believe in building future-proof setups that can grow and evolve as the ecosystem evolves, and the needs of our customers advance.

In addition, we are front-runners in online privacy and compliance, constantly ensuring our clients, partners and ourselves are compliant with the ever-changing data and privacy regulations in the current market. We have depth in building audience and data strategies for the age of GDPR.

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