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Introducing TrueView

DoubleClick is constantly updating its feature set and has released some major new updates for its programmatic buying platform DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM). As DBM experts, we are very excited to share these new features with our clients and are seeing the first meaningful results using these tools already.

TrueView enabled – only pay after an engagement

Since October 1st, we are able to provide our advertisers with TrueView. A cost-per-view (CPV) ad format in DBM to buy video ads on a cost-per-view (CPV) basis. With TrueView, viewers choose to engage, and you will only pay when they do. This format, priced on a cost-per-view basis, represents more than 85% of in-stream ads on YouTube, according to Rany Ng, product management director for Google.

Two types of TrueView
  1. TrueView in-stream > The video ads run before or during another video, viewers see five seconds and then keep watching or skip your video ad.
  2. TrueView in-display > In-display ads appear alongside other YouTube videos, in YouTube search or on websites on the Google Display Network (GDN).
TrueView in the Touch-Tell-Sell model

The system optimizes towards views and it’s also possible to target on mobile devices. This makes it an extremely powerful feature to use in the Touch phase of DQ&A’s Touch-Tell-Sell Model. In this phase, you want to capture new audiences and introduce your proposition with a captivating video ad.

You will have exact metrics about the people that have engaged with your video ad so you can re-activate this audience in the Tell phase. TrueView will enable you to narrow down on the target group of your desire and decrease waste further down the line in your funnel when buying media.

If you use video ads and TrueView metrics in the Tell phase, make sure your video will tell the story. Remember that people who are watching your video in this phase already have shown interest in your brand & proposition. So don’t start all over again with your brand story, but tell them more about the proposition that makes you unique. So, especially when using video ads, targeting is of great importance.


Why use TrueView?

TrueView brings some unique metrics & reporting possibilities to the table. Not all brand new as some have them have been around for quite a while. But all combined, it will offer you a world of data to analyze your campaigns based on engagement ratios.

Reporting metrics available for TrueView:

  1. Brand awareness > see the influence of your video ad on brand awareness (survey based*)
  2. Search lift > after viewing your video ad, a consumer will search for your brand
  3. Ad recall > Get insight in how many consumers remember your ad (survey based*)
  4. Only pay for a view – billable views! > you only start paying after 5 seconds
  5. Quartile reporting (25% of video seen – 50% seen etc etc)
  6. Earned actions insights > Did people sign up on YouTube channel

*As part of TrueView Google will perform surveys to get these valuable insights.

TIPS to use TrueView successfully

  1. Make sure the first 5 seconds of the video ad are powerful!
  2. Ensure the first 5 seconds of your video contain your brand name, logo and main message
  3. Create for the purpose of TrueView if you can!
  4. Custom videos that harness the power of Trueview work even better compared to TV commercials.


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