DQ&A to Acquire Creative Specialist, Joystick Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner

We have another new member of the UK team to introduce this month. Welcome, Max Trifonovs!

Max has joined the UK team off the back of 3 year’s experience as a Programmatic Media Manager. Michael Turner, DQ&A Account Director, commented that “Max has a rare breath of digital marketing knowledge, yet the depth of expertise of a true specialist. He is well-placed to partner with advertisers and agencies in helping them to develop their on-going digital marketing approach”.

Here we have a quick rundown of Max’s thoughts in this area:

Why did you originally start working in the advertising industry?

Advertising always had a certain appeal to me as it is one of the few industries that has a unique combination of data analysis, strategy and relationship building on a grand scale. Best of all, it always keeps changing and evolving.

Why did you start working in the digital sector, specifically?

I was fascinated with the capabilities of the technology and its application in the advertising world. I believe that the smart application of data can make our everyday experiences special and I wanted to be one of the people who make these unique journeys possible.

What do you most enjoy about working in digital marketing?

I find the ability to utilise data and analysis to achieve great results by engaging with the right audiences very satisfying. The evolution of the digital sector is always opening new ways to reach out to the user and build that unique relationship between Advertiser and Consumer, which is why it is such an exciting area to work in.

Why did you choose to work at DQ&A?

DQ&A appealed to me with their forward-thinking mentality and they provided an opportunity to work alongside leading experts in the industry. Not to mention that they gave me the chance to do something that I have great passion for.

What does the future hold for advertising?

I believe that augmented reality is going to be the new frontier for advertising. This is already in the early stages of development, but in years to come, I can see that we will all be wearing augmented reality glasses and being served advertising that is only relevant to us. The world might become like a real-life Minority Report movie and with the current technological progress, we are not that far off.

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