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DQ&A Northern Europe would like to introduce you to one of our latest arrivals: Hylco Hennis, who will start as Digital Consultant to service our clients. Hylco is a veteran having worked in the industry for over 10 years.

“I’ve known Hylco for a while and I am thrilled he has joined our team. His extensive knowledge and experience, along with his infectious enthusiasm and drive to share knowledge is a great match for our approach, it’s also a logical step for him in his career planning.” commented Pieter Slingerland, DQ&A’s Northern Europe Managing Director.

We sat down with Hylco to ask him questions about his history in the industry and the state of the industry.

Why did you originally start working in the advertising industry?

Back in 2000, during a gap year before heading for college, I watched a documentary on the rise and fall of one of the first Dutch online (creative) agencies, Magic Minds. Although they went bankrupt and failed at every step on the way to becoming successful, their philosophy was totally new in pre-Facebook and Google era. On top of this, the rise of the internet led me to change my course and register for the first “online” Bachelors degree that was available in the Netherlands to start off my career in digital. For those who want to go back in time, you can watch the documentary here (in Dutch): link or read a review here (also in Dutch): link.

Why did you start working in the digital sector, specifically?

I started working in 2006, the year Facebook opened up to the public. At that time, digital had a huge potential; tech companies were being created by young free spirits, whizzkids and visionary entrepreneurs. At the time the technology had many new horizons to explore and, I wanted to be part of it.

What do you most enjoy about working in digital marketing?

Being able to work with a team of smart and innovative people to find new and creative solutions for clients.

Why did you choose to work at DQ&A?

DQ&A is well established as an innovative player in the Netherlands, claiming a unique spot in between agencies, advertisers and tech providers with a really strong relationship with Google. In the past, I worked at OMD, and we had similar ties to Google which provided me with the knowledge and support to serve my clients with best in class cases for their campaigns. I hope to grow in my role as independent adviser for our clients by helping them get the results they are aiming for. Finally, the international aspect of DQ&A’s business was incredibly exciting to me.

What does the future hold for advertising?

Since everything will be connected in the future, there are some many roads to explore. VR/AR, AI, Internet of Things, Robotica, automation and integrating media are some of the few promises for the next couple of years. With the GDPR now in place, we are working towards a more user-centric approach based on consent. This will allow advertisers to target users in the most relevant and personalised way possible

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