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Join us in welcoming Sam Kinnear as he joins our DQ&A UK Sales Team from Awin, as Sales Partner. He is a sales professional that brings with him vast expertise in advertising and MarTech sales. Sam will support in the development of our client base from 2019 and beyond.

Sam Kinnear DQ&A UK

We sat down with Sam to get to know a bit more about him, his background and views on the industry:

Why did you originally start working in the advertising industry?

I have worked across a number of varied sectors in my career to date and looking back, I can clearly see how each of my previous roles shaped my experience and contributed to where I am now. Working within the advertising industry was certainly not my end goal when I began my career (largely because I was so unsure of what I wanted to do!) but as I started to gain more experience and understanding of how the industry worked: the psychology, technology and analysis that is inherent within it, my interest was piqued!

Why did you start working in the digital sector, specifically?

I have a keen interest in data, in fact, one of the only reasons I like to exercise these days is being able to drill down into the data afterwards (if it’s not on Strava…did it even happen!?). So being able to work in an industry where the study, learning and implementation of data is so critical is really exciting to me.

The constant growth, development and change that is fundamental to an industry built on technology is a wonderful thing to be part of. The digital landscape will never stand still as it is constantly seeking to improve or having to respond to external forces, meaning that my job will never be the same from one day, month or year to the next.

Why did you choose to work at DQ&A?

When I first spoke to James Sleaford (Managing Director of DQ&A UK & Ireland), I could tell he was really passionate and excited about what DQ&A were doing. The company, although long established in Europe, was still relatively new in the UK and James’ enthusiasm and confidence for the future growth of the company was infectious; certainly something I wanted to be part of. As part of the interview process, I also got to meet some of the other members of the team and I could immediately tell they were an erudite bunch. With such a talented set of colleagues, exciting growth plans and the close working relationship with Google on offer, the decision to become part of the DQ&A family was an easy one.

What has been your favourite thing about DQ&A so far?

I have really enjoyed the diversity of the work. In my previous sales role, I was really only specialised in one specific product. Now I have the whole Google Marketing Platform to absorb myself in, as well as the different service offerings DQ&A provide. It has certainly been a challenge coming to grips with each aspect of the GMP, but having the backing of such a talented team of experts has proven invaluable.

What does the future hold for advertising?

As I said previously, the digital landscape is a constantly evolving beast, and advertising is no different. As consumer awareness of controversial practices around privacy increases thanks to the introduction of GDPR and ITP 2.0 last year sparking a new line of dialogue amongst the general public, advertisers are forced onto a tightrope between delivering engaging and personal ads whilst not overstepping boundaries that are becoming more and more important to consumers.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. Advances in technology are presenting advertisers with some really exciting opportunities to engage with consumers in new and innovative ways. Although early attempts have seemed clunky, augmented and virtual reality are only going to get better. The future of advertising is going to be very interesting and the adoption of new technologies is certain to play a vital role.

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