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Join us in welcoming Roan Mackintosh as he moves from Commercial Director DQ&A South Africa to Managing Director MEA at Incubeta, our parent organisation including DQ&A, NMPi and Joystick.

What is your current role at DQ&A? 
Having joined the company 4 months ago as Commercial Director, I am very excited to now be moving into the role of Managing Director within the MEA market. As we integrate many of the services within Incubeta, I will be focusing on consolidating these into a concise and cohesive offering to the market with a view of growing our enterprise client base across technology licensing and servicing as well as consulting engagements.

Why did you start working in the digital/advertising/online industry? 
I’ve always been fascinated by people and technology. I studied Psychology at university and it wasn’t a big leap to move into marketing which is essentially a field of understanding what motivates consumer behaviour and then implementing strategies and tactics to influence those customers’ behaviours. Being a bit of a closet nerd, I am also amazed at the impact that technology is having in our modern lives and how this burgeoning technology can be used to enhance marketing efforts. 4th industrial revolution here we come!!

What do you most enjoy/find most interesting about digital marketing?  
The pace of evolution is relentless. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years now and I learn new things daily. As humans, I think we are all naturally resistant to change. I believe the challenge in digital marketing is that change is the one constant. If you want to succeed in this industry you have to overcome your base instincts and embrace change as a catalyst for growth (both business and personal) rather than viewing it as a risk.

Why did you choose to join DQ&A? 
If I look to the evolution of the DQ&A brand I think the baseline still holds true. Digital Questions & Answers… Yes, the questions being asked of us now are certainly not the same as those asked at the beginning of the .com era, but there are still questions aplenty from both newcomers and experienced digital natives. DQ&A are specialists at the forefront of marketing technology advancement and are perfectly poised to answer those questions, driving not only maturity in marketing activities but also value for clients. I enjoy being able to lie in bed at night with the knowledge that what we do for clients makes a difference for those clients

What are your predictions for the future of digital/online advertising? 
Well, the topic of walled gardens has been around for some time and I think the time of a truly open internet is already behind us (just look at the Cambridge Analytica scandal). Rightly so, privacy and data governance are going to be massive guiding factors in shaping the industry of the future.

As tech giants manoeuver to own the largest piece of the landscape through acquisitions, and as we feed the tech-driven marketing beast with more data, it becomes imperative to focus on ensuring the right processes are in place to prevent that beast from running amok. As the risks for companies operating in this legislative attention-heavy environment (some very heavy fines potentially coming out of GDPR) it’s important that companies take responsibility. In-sourcing the management of digital marketing activities will continue to be a hot topic and agencies/service partners will need to adapt to meet the need.

Read the press release on Roan’s promotion here.

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