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Join us in welcoming Chris Berger who joined the DQ&A UK team as Managing Consultant for Cloud in December 2019.

Chris Berger DQ&A UK Managing Cloud Consultant

Why did you want to start a career in Web Analytics / Digital Marketing?

The industry is extremely fast-paced and constantly changing – as anyone who’s struggled to keep up to date with the latest GMP acronyms will tell you! This is what drew me in initially; who could resist an industry that can’t stand still?

I also wanted to start my career in an industry where I could not only pursue my interest in development and technology, but would also allow me to gain skills in business development, marketing and data. In other words: to be able to create solutions and understand their impact on the industry and how they would support our clients.

Finally, I love being involved in the full process: from the conception of ideas, to their development, to the success!

Why did you decide to specialise in Cloud Tech for Marketing in particular?

Coming from an engineering background, I naturally leaned more towards the technical side of Web Analytics and Digital Media such as advanced tagging implementations, data pipelines and custom bidding algorithms.

Over recent years, companies have become more and more interested in these advanced solutions (i.e. anything bespoke outside of the standard marketing and analytics platform features). I definitely see the need for more of these kinds of projects over the years to come as their value becomes more apparent.

What kind of direction do you see Digital going in?

I see cloud and advanced concepts such as ML and AI becoming a lot more widely utilised in our day-to-day. This will be especially noticeable in media and analytics teams, where they’ll be used to help create efficiencies and improve performance of marketing campaigns without so much as lifting a finger!

The more standard management tasks we can automate through cloud technologies, the more time teams will have to focus on analysis and becoming smarter with their marketing.

Secondly, a client’s first-party data is one of their most valuable assets. More and more clients seem to be going down the route of wanting to take better control of this themselves, rather than leaving it up to a third party.

I’d say the future of the industry will see higher demand for consultancy over traditional agency services for that very reason. We need to stop hand-holding and enable clients to take the power back when it comes to their data and what they understand about their users.

Why DQ&A?

I see consultancy becoming ever more key to client success. I wanted to make sure I was on the right side when this happens!

Also reading up on some of the awesome projects DQ&A have been responsible for in the past (The Transavia Case Study was my personal favourite!), I knew I’d feel right at home here, helping to extend their already impressive portfolio.

What’s one thing you’d change about the industry?

If I could change one thing, it would be to break down the silos that sit between different aspects of a business. The internal politics of a company that usually cause this can be crippling for overall performance. You’ll often find there are pools of data sitting stagnant that Marketing or Analytics teams never even knew existed. These could be of great importance if utilised by the right people.

Two heads are better than one and opening up a dialogue between yourself and other teams will almost always be mutually beneficial. Remember you’re meant to be on the same side!

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