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We have another new member of the UK team to introduce this month. Welcome, Jamie Brent!

Jamie has joined the UK team off the back of 2 years experience as a Senior Account Executive with NMPi. Leo McIntosh, DQ&A Account Director, commented that “With his passion for digital, his methodical approach and his eagerness to drive success for businesses, Jamie will be a fantastic fit for our growing DQ&A team. We are excited to see how his determination & marketing expertise benefit our clients”

Here we have a quick rundown of Jamie’s thoughts in this area:

Why did you originally start working in the advertising industry?

My passion for business. The idea of helping businesses across a variety of different industries communicate their message to consumers resonated with me strongly. I was intrigued as to how advertising worked and remember asking myself: how do you build that all important bridge which connects business to consumer? How is success even measured? After finishing university, I began researching more around the subject and it was only then when I stumbled across the digital marketing sector.

Why did you start working in the digital sector, specifically?

I remember visiting companies and friends who were in the industry and asking them what working in the world of digital marketing was all about. I soon learned that the digital sector was very fast paced and dynamic, one in which marketers used data to “optimise” campaigns and “measure” performance. I suddenly found myself loving the idea of using data to understand consumer behaviour in great depth and to determine the best digital marketing strategy for a business.

What do you most enjoy about working in digital marketing?

I enjoy the buzz which floats around a digital marketing environment. It’s fast-paced, it’s thrilling and it’s not for the faint hearted! It’s an industry that keeps me on my toes because it’s always changing – the importance of being original has never been stronger. What I enjoy most of all, however, is facing a business challenge and then being able to determine a profitable digital marketing strategy to overcome that challenge.

Why did you choose to work at DQ&A?

Deciding to work at DQ&A was a big decision for me to make because it was a big sideways jump from a career perspective; moving from the day to day running of accounts to consulting clients who run their own accounts requires a vastly different skill set. I decided to move because I knew I would be working with industry leading experts with a lot of experience. I also knew that DQ&A would be a fantastic opportunity to widen the breadth of my digital marketing knowledge and to tap into my inner strategic creativity!

What does the future hold for advertising?

Advertiser investment in marketing technology will continue to grow, particularly as more importance is placed on the quality of adverts (more personal & immersive) as well as the efficiency at which those adverts are delivered (automation). What was dreamt about fifteen years ago is now becoming the standard. It is vital for marketers now more than ever to understand this before they find their competitors stealing more than their fair share of the pie.

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